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What a Scream Halloween Decorating Package - SALE      $6.95
16 large and small designs for windowpanes, frames, bulletin boards, scrapbooks, party decorations, greeting cards, gift tags, napkin rings, mobiles and sand bag luminaries. Patterns are printed on white text weight paper, ready to cut, copy or transfer on to black paper ( as shown but not included). Our 8" x 10" patterns are : candelabra with mice and spider webs, a picket fence with crows and a tombstone, a chandelier and intricate all-over spider webs with imbedded bugs. The 1" to 5" designs are: scary cats, flying bats, bugs, an owl and a pumpkin. Simple instructions and suggestions for decorating fun included. INTERMEDIATE
Product ID: BK-120A

Black paper, text weight, black on #P-1700 #3.95 both sides, smooth texture, 8-1/2" x 11". Twelve sheets/pack. Autumn Colors, text weight, 6 sheets #P-2000 $4.95 of black, 4 sheets of orange, 2 sheets of yellow in package. Smooth texture Orange paper, Halloween color #P-1900-Or $4.95 text weight, 8-1/2" x 10", twelve sheets/pack. Smooth texture.

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